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#VDILIKEAPRO: Your ultimate VDI & Windows 10 Tuning Guide

Session Abstract

In this session you will deep dive together with Jeroen van de Kamp (CTO Login VSI & Login Consultants) in the new world (order) of Windows 10. Many performance best practices we learned with Windows 7 in VDI do not apply anymore. More importantly, a huge amount of new best practices are needed if you want to provide the best user experience, maximize scalability and the ultimate success of Windows 10 in your VDI environment. If you are planning or have already upgraded to Windows 10 in VDI, this is the one session you cannot afford to miss…


Jeroen van de Kamp @theJeroen


As Chief Technology Officer, Jeroen van de Kamp (1972) is responsible for defining and executing the technical strategy for Login VSI and Login Consultants. From the start, Jeroen has played a critical role in the technical growth and accreditation Login has accumulated over the years. He has developed several core solutions which allow Login VSI and Login Consultants to easily differentiate in the cloud and virtualization market. Jeroen is also responsible for several well-known publications like the Flex Profile Kit, TCT templates & “The black hole effect”.

Because of his contribution to the technical community van de Kamp is recognized as a thought-leader in the application delivery industry and has become a residential speaker for seminars like BriForum, Citrix Solution Summit and many others. Previous to his position as CTO at Login VSI and Login Consultants Jeroen held positions as Infrastructure Architect at Login Consultants; IT Consultant at QFace ICT and IT specialist at ASG de Veer.